Dan T. Felber
My dear and loyal companion of fourteen years Snoop and I, 1980 upon arrival in Topanga Canyon, LA's own "Haight-Ashbury"

"Tim [Leary] once flew over it in a rented chopper and dropped acid all over the place!"

(...or so the native legend goes... ;-)


Livin' it up in Hollywood 1986

Actually... it was rather livin' it down in a roach-infested pre-crack motel but shush... we won't tell, right?

Anyone remember how to Wang-Chung anyway? :-)


San Diego ComicCon 2001

The most enjoyable annual congregation of Geekozoids ever!


- and Richard Taylor is not only the most admirable, but also the most talented Gentleman I've ever met.



There's more to living in Las Vegas than meets the gambler's eye.

Red Rock Canyon 2005